Kitchen Remodel RaleighRWS CONSTRUCTION is a local company, and the owner, Scott Smith, is involved in every project from start to finish. He named the company for his dad and grandfather, and he seeks to honor their tradition of excellence in every project. Scott is a CAPS Certified Contractor, a Certified Graduate Remodeler, a Certified Green Professional, a North Carolina native, and a proud Army veteran.

The RWS team frequently presents information on Accessible Construction to area realtors and special interest groups, and they have been recognized with both an HBA Remodelers Council STAR Award and a local Green Building award. 

The Triangle is our home too, and you can count on us to take care of all the finishing touches and be there for your next project. We want our detailed craftsmanship to be a positive addition to your home or office space for many years to come.

Many of our customers have become good friends, and often refer us to their friends and neighbors. Those referrals are a great compliment, as are the wonderful relationships we've developed over the years. Like many of you, we've dealt with aging relatives and their changing needs. Let us put that experience to work as you think about visitable construction, accessible design, and long-term renovations.

We'd be glad to work with a designer to put your ideas on paper; and give you a detailed and thorough estimate, so you'll know what to expect from the start. Call us today about your next project, 919-795-6640. We're fully licensed and insured and active members of the Raleigh-Wake Home Builders Association.

Why use a General Contractor?

When your project involves extensive changes, relocating walls, moving plumbing fixtures, re-routing water, or adding square footage, you are absolutely going to get the best result when you hire a licensed, professional general contractor.

No matter how easy they make it look on television, construction (when it is done well) is a very specialized and knowledge-based profession. The parts and pieces that go into a project are innumerable, and the details needed to get a project finished on-time (or even close) are voluminous.

A qualified general contractor offers:

  • Extensive industry knowledge (licensing, testing, and continuing education)
  • Design assistance (what has worked before, as well as outside-the-box ideas)
  • Established trade accounts for materials sourcing & contractor discounts (established relationships)
  • Appraisal requirement (if you change the square footage of your house, you must get it permitted, or you will not be able to count that addition at re-sale)
  • Connections with vendors and priority scheduling of work & deliveries
  • Technical adaptability for unforeseen issues (what might be going on behind that wall?)
  • Up-to-date on codes/ materials/ techniques
  • One point of contact and responsibility
  • Understanding of the requirements for permitting, fees, restrictions, insurance, specialized trades, etc.
  • Warranty
  • Fewer headaches and less stress for you
  • The time and capacity to live your life during the remodel

Your home is your largest investment, so you want work done on it to be high quality and long-lasting. Often that means hiring an industry specialist to get the job done right.

We would love to work with you on your next project! Call us at 919-795-6640 today.